10.1.2020 Air Activities Stage 1

17.1.2020 Air Activities Stage 1

24.1.2020 Communicator Activity

31.1.2020 Golden Eagle Project

  7.2.2020 Communicator Activity

21.2.2020 Digital Maker

28.2.2020 Astronomer Activity

  6.3.2020 Astronomoner Activity

13.3.2020 Adventure Challenge

16.3.2020 Golden Eagle Project

27.3.2020 Adventure Challenge

The programme shows a guide of the activities we expect to do each week. Please bear in mind that due to unexpected circumstances (eg: the weather) we may switch around some activities or we may decide to do something totally different instead. You can always email or call us if you want to know for sure

Young People aged 8-10½ yrs   -  Monday 7pm - 8:15pm   &    Friday 6:30pm - 7:45pm

Cub Scouts get the chance to try lots of different activities such as games, badge work, sports and practical skills like cooking.

Cubs follow a balanced programme of activities which gives them a chance to try new things, work with other people, explore the world around them and develop personal skills. Cubs also get the change to go on all sorts of outings including day trips and longer trips such as summer camps.

The core age range of the Cub Scout Section for boys and girls is from 8 to 10 ½ years, although young people may remain in the Pack until their 11th birthday


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